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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Scent of tangerines tangled up with her senses under the cloud filled October sky. Quietly her mind did a tango with thought of him.
Scenes of his last tango played on repeat in his head, twisted like a tangled videotape,mangled by an overdose of orange cough syrup.
the little military plane / that waits to spread its flame / thinks only of precision / and not of moral decisions
he could barely see her amidst the sunset taffeta & frizzed fringe. but, it was the 80's - maybe they'd get to disco anyway
how i met your mother? at el minzah, 20 years ago, she was ms. salsa and i mr. tango. happy 19th son.

RT : It takes two to tango, three to tangle and oh! Orange is a lemon!
do the tango, not the tangle and eat your vitamin c daily
He was distracted to lunacy by his Mandarin speaking mango smelling dance teacher and completely mangled the beautiful dragon dance.
oh these entanglements, i try to be good but learning the tango under the tangerine sky, tough tough, life getting all rough on me
Her hips move but I can't hear what they're saying. I have become uncomfortably numb. I blame the oranges and the wine.
We fell together in a suggestive tangle of tangerine-tan limbs,our attempts to 'tango' just a formality.We're just friends,obviously.

the tango ended up in a tangle as they fell down laughing... the warm proximity was forever colored in his mind by her tangerine lips
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