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Monday, October 22, 2012


A chronometer ticks time away, each click a cue for cataclysm. A sickness? An accident? A ballistic missile? Death is eclectic.

: bessy slyly hid the seamaster. later she went ballistic when the pawnbroker called it a fake
Time was trapped in those loud, crashing words. Randomly, he decided, Africa was waiting for his next travelogue.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It's time to say happy birthday.
This Millennium Brew is the cat's whiskers. But I digress. As it states clearly in the Holy Book,'pray with humility and reverence.'
A painting hangs on the wall where his brain had splattered. A pond quietly ripples where his body was found. Time broke him.
Bonus prompts for from : eclectic, chronometer, ballistic. Happy birthday! Pls RT.
Prompts for from : malt, cats, digression. Pls RT.
Black Forest in Oyster Perpetual dressing, C4 candles with Lead Azide as primer, have a blast, and a very happy birthday
There seem to be two sets of prompts for . I followed the birthday girl's.
The watchmaker saw her flashing red hair, yellow plastic bag outfits and waited for Physics to take its inevitable course.
" prompts: eclectic; chronometer, ballistic" from the birthday gal
birthday prompts: eclectic; chronometer, ballistic tagging for
"Love my cat...she sucks,left me alone",he digressed.The malt filled glass on his side was now empty.As she waited at d gate for him.
it was a long evening over laphroaig. i am unsure, but i think i heard praise a certain cat for her demeanor
thanks ‏ The prompts for are malt, cats, digression. Then again, I tag for the next one.

the love for gardening surpassed evrything else,other than him.It was her idea of life.Plants taught her selfless love.
from Prompts for are: gardening, ideas and love. tagging for . prev. antho. here


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