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Saturday, October 20, 2012


 SGul SGul @Shiringul
No stars at night, no dreams in the day. His world was one big kaleidoscopic whirlpool of untied moments.
Even though the gods are crazy. Even though the stars are blind. If you get me some nipple clamps baby. I'll whip you from behind.
Let there be light: the hallucinosis that has since leaped in quanta from feverish burning stars to the distorted colors on a canvas
to john gray's men are from mars, women from venus the beatles response was apt - yeah, yeah yeah.
society's obsession with personalities often obfuscates the true mechanisms of change
The firmament warps all reason, excepting for Sufis who are already unhinged.
It is often the colours of the night, that compel men to cut off their ears.
Tanned skinned, exotic women, giant, muscular men, diamonds that shine like stars. Distorted Oriental reality.
mad love stories // distorted ends
as i sit in my cell i ask myself - if i can't see the stars, does this mean i can never be special ?
The life she saw in the night sky was a succession of lies. It would take twenty years for the light to reach her. There was no time.
Agne's countenance dripped like a Dali painting, but her heart continued to burn with 

She was madly in love with the stars. A distorted reality, perhaps. Reality was a lovely place, but she didn't want to live there.
its a distorted image you have of me, you are assuming the madness is in me, its in the stars, love.

The mad man of the stars spent his life undistorting distorted histories. And for that the universe owes him a debt of gratitude.
The hyacinths stood in proud, starlit rows and the night was falling like rain around their quietly mad perfume.
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