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Friday, October 19, 2012


 Osheen Fatima Osheen Fatima @izsuperhero
Postcards for a lovelier girl,who lived her life on a diamond planet,thought thoughts that cannot be translated.Saudade,tu me manques
Vasco de Gamma wiped his nethers with the fine Calico and posted another entrée, soon the Golden Bird would transform into Arrakis.
sepia post card: your smile / that aura / your warmth / your humour / i long for / beside me / this minute

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In a cage of gold he longed for the stars. His soul was turning to stone. He stopped writing to save himself.
I meant is a brainless thing? 

Twinkle twinkle little star/ How I wonder what you are/ Full of diamonds, you're a rock star/ Too bad you're 40 lights yrs too far :( 

The trader from Kingdom courted her by carving pieces of silk cloth from the Cube as love notes. His be- heading wasn't surprising. 

"Gads! Koh-i-Noor's got it's own dashed orbit!" Flashman exclaimed. The gew-gaw made him pang for Old Blighty. "Must jot to Elspeth."
Indira looked longingly through Harry Winston's window and pointed to her neck. Wish you were here. 

Prompts for from : Saudade, a diamond planet, post cards. Please RT.


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