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Thursday, October 18, 2012


: hazards of parking by the hydrant :) : ouch also True story?”haha!
hazards of parking by the hydrant :) : ouch also True story?

SGul SGul@Shiringul
Cliches and lyrics-never his cup of pudding and somewhere over the rainbow blue boxes flew and you were penny wise, pond foolish!  

temporal temporal@temporal3
after thanksgiving dinner her rice pudding and his cheesecake ended in the recycling blue box, untouched. and the car in the pond

In a blue box, the puddingstone he dived in the water for.Only, she was the girl who wanted diamonds on the soles of her shoes.
She drowned. No one wanted to scatter the ashes. So they added flour and eggs and things and baked themselves a pie.
If she had eaten dessert they would have found her sooner. Something about how sugar metabolises. Plus that's where the ring was.
Pandora pouted, the sea shell motif wouldn't stick! in anger, she kicked - a trifle of problems flooded out. 

the Magic Pudding cooled his heels by the billabong while freely surfing the bush telegraph.
the sponge was dry, the custard sat in pools around it. Mother went straight for her little blue pill box. 

He put all his hopes and dreams in a velvet covered blue box, but it all turned to slush when he noticed her Adam's apple.
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