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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 O.K. Waheed O.K. Waheed @okwaheed
Went to the Eid premiere of 'The Men who Stare at Ansar Abbassi' starring the CJ & his crew. Couldn't hack it. Jumped out the window. 

am not sure about abbasi but i was sure the goats would get 's goats. or maybe he is into djinns now? #
Op-ed: Plays about and goats are reason for immorality on our channels. All Pakistanis should throw their TV out unless I am on it.
Breaking news: Felix jump was actually out of the window if a drone. It was to try new drone technology before Eid.
Pan's pipe expelled maddening streams of caprinaic melody until the nymph collapsed with exhaustion 

the goat, much like the humble Pak viewer, is a useful animal as it eats any crap thrown at it. 

with delirious bleating from one side & droppings on the other, had to think fast to save us from the poltergeist. chuck the plasma! 

He's a professional journalist. Well, as professional as the man who butchered our goats last year. He's a professional mochi.
in the nightmare ansar abbasi jumped out of the window when he felt his father was going to sacrifice him, like it said in the Book
Prompts for from : defenestrate, goats, Ansar Abbasi. Pls RT.


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