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Monday, October 15, 2012


 Awais Athar Awais Athar @awaisathar
On the last day, the mountains went flying. When baby mountain flew too far & caught a cold, mama mountain said "beta sweater pehno".
i am not cold anymore. i am flying. i am high. i am. my love. yes its true. its not just desire. its as is. 

Cold silence mounting. Tangible anger floating. Passive aggression through forced smiles. They were good!Good at keeping appearances.
"I feel cold," said the hiker. The volcano obliged and out flew the lava. "Ok," he said to himself, "maybe not that cold." 

: the first line could be nahiN tera nashaymun neo-citran kay dabbay maiN? ”bilkul lol, 

What if this mountain was made out of strawberries and I had cold ice cream 2 eat with it!Strawberry Avalanche!Yes,I'm flying "high".

The cold mountain side where we used to reside: Meadows and valleys, times we spent together in flight during distant dreams... 

Just before the first snowfall a stranger appeared. The valley rang with songs death as the vats were stirred.

he soared above highest peaks / floated with wings spread out / drugs and love he noted / can have similar affect
Snowcapped mountains peaking clouds. And downstream rocks and ravines of eden. Simulate nasal mucus. And flu season. 

Tuh Shaheen hai, Basera kar paharon ki chatanon pe
as the tablet whizzed down the mountainside, Moses felt a chill grip his nether regions 

It began with discovering that unicorns are a myth. The later years just added layers of ice to the cold mountain inside his chest. 

prompts v : flying; mountains, cold tagging for pls RT


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