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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


@temporal3 Just started off with prompts for #TS257 Galactic Yak Tabernacle. Please RT & share. Let's do it !

she was perfect in all ways. would have placed her in heart's tabernacle -. but for her galactic unending yakking#TS257@Koinon3a #TS257

#TS257 The Galactic Yak Tabernacle - Douglas Adam's next hit

#TS257 the remaining two Earthlings were shifed to the Space Pasture of Longoria2 which was to become disputed for 1000 years. But later.

#TS257 superseded by concepts beyond your control, you left to trudge among the clouds, didn't you God, didn't you

#TS257 Dwayne thought the world had ended when a crazed bison knocked over his portaloo

"I'll stay in ur arms in this tent for light years..." he yakked on, unaware that the galactic faux pas was the bane of his seduction #TS257

@temporal3 @Koinon3a #TS257 Buck Rogers led the Galactic Yak Tabernacle Choir to success in the first season of Jupiter's Got Talent.

#TS257 Tabernacle That Ass, the hottest nightclub for SpaceHiking Mystics seeking companionship and yak butter tea, opens 12.12.12.

My world of galactic proportions, as I rule from my tabernacle, withers away like evaporating yak that no one wants to be near. #TS257

#TS257 Singles night at the Galactic Yak Tabernacle. Legitimate rape shooters half price; ladies free

THE END:On the Last Day,257 pilgrims travelled to the tabernacle of the Great Galactic Yak.Nobody knew that only 256 were vegetarian. #TS257

#Rimsa: I confused tabernacle w. turbanuncle & life-sentenced all green,black,galactic-color turbanmen for blasphemous yaks #TS257

I thought the tabernacle of my love could save him from the galactic yakking going on in his head #TS257

Only after he became a tabernacle for her dead soul, did he realize how it felt to yak in such galactic proportions #TS257


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