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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reviving TS - twitter story

It is time to revive #TS.

TS, for those not familiar is an abbreviation of TwitterStory. Each day, three random prompts are given and  assigned a number.  #TS1 was started way back by @microMAF and    and went on to about #TS256.

Any one can submit the three prompts. They have to tag someone for the next day's prompts. New prompts usually appear midnight, eastern standard time, which is when submissions for the previous #TS closes.

Using the three prompt, spin a yarn, ditty, story between 130-135 letters and add the hashtag #TS--

We will shortly re start with #TS257.

Before we do that, any suggestions?

cc to the following in no particular order:)

@lahorigori     @microMAF


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