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Friday, August 17, 2012

nana and dr dr

last winterBoth the balminess and lack of snowfall in Toronto broke records for the four-month winter season. It was 5.2 C warmer than the -3.8 C season average and snowed 75 cm less than the 115-cm average total throughout the winter season.
wonder if there are anchor-pundits in pakistan who can guesstimate the civilian deaths in the coming months in pakistan?

last year was a particularly bad period for minorities. 1000 christians, 2000 hindus, 3000 ahmedis, and 4000 shias were killed by the professed practitioners of a religion of peace.

the number mentioned earlier do not reflect the 5000 killed for ransom or the 6000 women raped and killed.

nana (news anchors news association) has refused to predict the count for the coming killing season.

however doctor doctor, allegedly with three purchased and four dubiously conferred degrees has ignored the caution and has predicted more deaths this year.

dr dr said global warming would be the main culprit. water shortage would lead to commodity price increases. power outtages would increase the intolerance. joblessness and unchecked corruption would continue unabated.

therefore, frustrated and disenfranchised people would continue to reduce the country's population by other means.

dr dr who has changed seven channels in the past seven months was asked if he would change his grim forecast.

he declined and said global warming is a serious issue


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