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Saturday, August 18, 2012

monkeys are smarter

monkey see..
sub haNsay, hum haNsay
sub rOaye, hum rOaye
sub m'ray, hum bachay

in my travels

i have not accosted a christian, hindu, buddhist,
jew, atheist, or agnostic monkey

i have not yet come across a muslim monkey
-sunni, shia, ismaili, alavi, druze, khoja, bohri, ahmedi
(uncouth idiots are a different breed, sir)

monkeys are smarter
they know religion is the diet
of the superstitious simpletons
program them
push the right buttons, viola
a perceived insult to long dead folks
and out they come
with pronouncements of death
to a country
(lining up at 3am for visas aside)
or to denizens of west
and in frenzied chaos
manage to kill dozens of their own

these saudi supported simpletons
a disgrace for humanity
thrive and destroy
yours and mine

monkeys are smarter...


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