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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

feisal on hard work

from  Time to be untalented by feisal h naqvi
My point then, is this: we are no more talented than any other nation. Instead, we are just the same; no better and no worse. If we are to succeed, it will be the same way that others have succeeded. And the only way people have ever succeeded is through hard work.
some comments:
A. HusainAll the hard work is useless when we do not have laws and a judicial process that can deal fairly and justly with the small business man. Level the playing field and the rest will take care of itself.
Sinclair: I agree that hard work is important for the success of a nation. But it alone does not ensure much about the outcome of a nations strife. Talent, or I prefer to use Genius instead, cannot be acquired – thats why it is valued. And who can contest the fact that most important contributions to human existence have come from geniuses of their times. I will say though that no nation/race/religion has a monopoly on genius. Genius has to be nurtured, encouraged and allowed to fail also. This is only possible in either a prosperous nation, or an optimist nation sure of its own value – or both. Genius in a subdued nation gets depreciated.

my comment: agree with feisal with the following proviso:
existential hard work: no reliance on the super natural or divine 


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