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Sunday, August 12, 2012

fareed zakaria's plagiarism

bina shah wrote in FareedZakaria — from pundit to bandit: 'Fareed Zakaria should be dismissed from all his positions at all media outlets, as well as his trusteeship at Yale University.'  

felt she went a bit overboard and was too quick and judgmental.  respecting her views, i disagreed and wrote:

fareed has apologized.
a career spread over decades should not go waste over this one time indiscretion.
however, if more instances of plagiarizing by him appear then i would not be so charitable

dr. meekal ahmed responded: @temporal:
Soory. In this case, apology is not enough. He should go and take up gardening.

my response: i'd forgive him if there are no additional proofs of plagiarism
so, let's agree to disagree


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