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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nawwab and I: The to-do list

on the phone son to my partner in crime, 'you did not leave any to-do list.' And Nawwab is my mind reading talking dog.

N: Sorry to interrupt you and Eddie...
t:  Yes, i will send A the to-do list.
N: You are not a dog. Leave reading mind to me.
t: I am your master Nawwab.
N:Woof woof!
t: OK. here is the list: take out the garbage Monday night...
N: ...water the indoor plants.
t: ..not to forget the cactus on the window sill...
N: and the cherished morning glory on the arbor...
t:..ah yes, and them ivies and Sharon of Roses
N:...and the front and side lawns...
t: he is a good kid, he know that.
N: But he is also busy at work
t: i know, i harm in stating the obvious
N: ask me...
t: OK sage, tell me if he will write back to X?
N: How'd I know? He is your son
t: But O master you are blessed with the power to read minds.
N: Flattery is not my food.
t: (he's playing with me)
N: Answer Larry
t: BC.( Larry asked me where you find the best weed. Had read somewhere that BC weed had the highest THC content. So I shared this academic info with him at Chez Andre in Alexandria. Va. where the Cathy served us lunch Mrs. Andre also dropped in and greeted us.)
N: Now your reputation is established.
t: huh? Damn!
N: Tell him to open the mailbox and pay any bills.
t: Check. Will he write to X? Is she the right woman?
N: Do you really care?
t: Yes, and A and M more so.
N: Leave him alone. He will find someone.
t: Where is my pipe?
N: Did you tell him about the Qeema?
t: Qeema is in the fridge. Extra packets are in the freezer. The rice maker is in the pantry as is rice and dal.
N: And won't you tell him to ensure windows closed, doors locked and alarm turned on?
t: Do you think this X is the right person for A?
N: Woof,, woof. Read my mind.


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