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Saturday, July 14, 2012

circling cirlce

 image credit google

kaun hay
jo daam e daira say ho mubarra

is anyone free of the net-circle

kaun hay
jo qaid e daira say ho aazad

is anyone free from imprisoning circle

(kyuN dohrarahay ho yaar?)
(why do you repeat yourself ?)

drop to dust
dawn to dusk

eternity to infinity

insaani khuda
khudai insaan
zakhmi ker dya na dOnON ko

manly god
godly man
(you've) harmed both

sustaining umbilical cord
cut and replaced with starry dogmas
journey from womb to grave
unending, circular journey
forever revolving humanity

dairOn ka la-matnahi safar
aur gardish maiN sada hum

interminable circular journey
and us - forever whirling


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