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Friday, December 25, 2015

Om Mani Padme Hum (draft ii)

paani paani ker gaee mujh kO Qalander ki yeh baat
tu jhuka jub ghair kay aagayna munn tera na tann
                                       (iqbal- dayar e ish'q)

i want to write a story

a story
about the waves
twirling around my bare feet

om mani padme hum

the waves from the atlantic
and the caribbean sea
must have traveled
unhampered miles
vying with each other
to embrace the pink sand
at eluthera's lighthouse beach
their foam, froth and fret
and the crisis of their history
to meet the lover

only to move on
and return


these waves could teach those
stuck forever in timelines
as they encounter
in their travels and travails
nets, debris, boats, breakwaters
clouds that float to peaks ..
snow, water, rivers 
and back to ocean
love and yearning undeterred

om mani padme hum
paani paani paani paani
om mani padme hum


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