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Friday, January 08, 2016

poessay: different solitudes

we live in different worlds

the urban cyberatis communicate in english...they can and do communicate instantly...and enable simultaneous outpouring of activism from the fringes of north to the seas in the south

they raise funds for the victims of calamities...natural and man-made

the great unwashed awamis live in another pakistan...their worn chappals tread all over the urban and rural areas...their communications in the vernacular spread over the 360,000 sq. miles at the same pace as the cyberatis'

the awamis out number the cyberatis by millions

irony: both profess ultimate allegiance to an unseen allah and his prophet saw/pbuh

irony: both are pained by the same sufferings and shortcomings

irony: both mobilise and help the needy and push what they consider to be an agenda to ameliorate the prevailing ills


both of them speak in different languages and past each other

as if

both live in different solitudes


despite this awareness they are seemingly incapable of communicating with each other

this is the conundrum leading both of them unwittingly to the edge of the precipice


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