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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poessay: Rosary 24 - Monologue

Go for it yaar temporal. You bloody self effacing, self effusive, evasive temporal. Go jump in one h two o. You wanted to experience death. Go ahead. What is stopping you?

Nothing is stopping me. Even if I am reluctant to meet it, face I will - the inevitability. I will die like I have died many times before. You, me, him, her, believer, unbeliever, undecided all will hear that music. Six under or six over. So why not embrace it?

Embrace it? Death wish? Resignation? Wait. I am not in doubt. Youare. I do not care if a eighteen wheeler splashes my brain all over the tarmac. You do. You wonder how you would greet Death. What will it be like. Will there be a vision when you are flat lined. How soon the blood in the vein will coagulate. Soul - if there is one - how will it escape. Will you feel it. Does it float? Is it indomitable? Is it a part of a whole? Is it a prisoner?

Stop there. Do not overwhelm me with your rhetoric. It is I who poses queries - unresolved and raging within. You, you are just the shadow. With me every living moment. Deserting me when I die. I can and will question that phase. You cannot. I will, if I chose to, deny - deny life, death or soul. That is my sole prerogative.


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