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Friday, December 03, 2010

kodak minutes - 1:22-1:42

the bus windows are foggy
it has been raining
correction - light drizzle
falling leaves that drift
are now stuck to the pavement
in a primordial flaming carpet
cars line up by the drive-in window
a sign on the curb declares
upto 90% off
saturday 2-5

inside on desi tv
an earnest young man i knew once
now gray haired and assertive
is painting a scenario with words
while the host paces
and a lady MP
and another investigative journalist
whom i admire from a distance
and frequently quote on baithak
are waiting their turns
the young audience
scrubbed, full of idealism
and yet untouched
by the incessant slaps of realism
listen attentively

m tells me caringly
to go to sleep
i'll i'll i say unconvincingly
last night i got up
from slumber and could not sleep
and ended up
watching india and england
and later
palkistan and west indies
before going to work

the eyes were scanning the field
but the mind was wandering
over blatant injustices
and more blatant displays of intolerance
on this desi microcosm

people who have nothing to say
and say that every chance they get
on every board
others who repeat
the same thing over and over

when dust and ashes meet
what will they talk about?


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