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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


two years of trekking the country
kissing babies and the unwashed
not to forget rubbery chickens
seventy five days of intense wooing
interviewing and selecting team
and then begins
hundred days of hand holding

before the armageddon codes
-gender and race free
are passed on to the mutt
(his words not mine)

hundred days ensconced
in the awareness that any act
any executive action reversal
of the disliked neconzix
would be appaluded

economy, tax relief, jobs
unpatriotic act, homeland insecurities
killing and getting killed in karbelaland
foraging in fakir of ippi's land
israeli security, palestinian insecurity
ahmedanijad, chavez and
still defiant fidel and the shadow
of the other bearded ghost
will flicker 'ver the horizon

clouds will float overhead
bearing rain, shadow or thunder
and in another four years
or eight
the merry go round will begin
kissing babies...such is life

photo credit Moks


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