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Monday, November 01, 2010

from adil najam's blog

would like to share the following from adil najam's blog

Much more ‘juicy’ news may be attracting our attentions, but the needs today as as great as before. and in some ways are even greater as those whose lives were devastated try to rebuild those lives – one brick, one wall, one sapling, one bag of seeds at a time. As the 20 million Pakistanis affected return to their homes, they fight disease, dismay and a total disarray of what used to be their lives. Seeds have to be planted so that the next year is also not a washout. Houses have to be rebuilt. Trauma has to be tackled. Children have to be sent back to schools. The schools themselves have to be rebuilt.

Relief 4 PakistanDevelopment in Literacy - DILDoctors Without Borders

The world had not really paid much attention as the devastation unfolded. It is paying even less attention today. All the more reason that those who are paying attention be thanked and supported. There are important lessons to be learnt and even more important actions to be taken. To those of our friends abroad whose humanity has been moved enough for them to join in this time of need, we must express our gratitude. But let us never forget that the greatest responsibility lies with us ourselves. After all, ghar tou aakhir appna hai:


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