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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

black in white

dear occupant
we are expert movers
no job is too small
or too big
for our staff
we are certified and bonded
and guarantee our work
read the generic mail

i read and threw it
in the garbage

in the wee hours today
am thinking of the white man
who will be shortly vacating
that house

a man low in self esteem
and lower in polls
who should be punished
for mayhem and incompetency
and incarcerated for the rest
of his natural life

will the movers
wrap, seal and remove
the injustices, deaths, wars
this born again zealot wreaked
on the unsuspecting many?

will it be the same movers
who move in the black man
in the white house
with hope and dreams
so children
born and unborn cackle
smile innocent smiles
in far off lands?


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