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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sky or Skies?

clear, cloudless, ethereal light
a hovering cap over earth
jet-exhaust in stratosphere
making sharp, diffusing patterns

under the peepul on the charpoy
the child would gaze at the stars
in those less polluted times
trying to catch falling stars
before he succumbs to the skies

skies sustaining laden clouds
sun playing game of hide and seek
cool breeze flirting with the crops
just before the heavens open up
and farmers sigh thankfully

skies, growling, rumbling, roaring
reminding how noah might have felt
raining death and destruction
upon refuge-less creatures

lovers in quivering embrace
oblivious of skies and earth
only wish time to stand still

sky or skies? scholars, stern and grim
exchange words, first mild, then acerbic
and ignoring the might of pen
they unleash swords to settle
inconclusive debates, in vain

il'm hay kaisa
ho jo mohtaj
zor e taigh ka*

at the day's end the sun succeeds
in robbing the sky of azureness
the glow of city's radiance
no match for the sun's glitter
but it is a short-lived reprieve
the battle eternal continues

sky or skies?


* what is learning
why is it dependent
on the sword's sharpness


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Good Stuff.

October 27, 2010 12:46 AM  

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