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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Poessay: Rosary 3 - Adam and Eve Limited - I

a battered truck pulled in the rest stop
on the liberia-san jose highway
a faded sign on its side panel
read adam and eve limited
an old man, face taut, weather beaten
emerged from the ford 150
sat down at a table in the sun
ordered a bavaria negra
and intently gazed at the dottle
then tapped it on the clay ashtray
once, twice, thrice…till the dottle fell in
with care filled the bowl with tobacco
retrieved from a lined leather pouch
tapped it down with his fore finger
satisfied he smiled and lit a match
puffed on it quickly while the lit match
circled the pipe's rim clockwise

hamid sipped his second cerveza
samir toyed with his remaining lunch
and i gently nursed the cohiba
as the cars, wagons and trucks whizzed by
and the assembly of crows crowed
over bin-bush, north-south hegemony
i couldn't care less and shooed them away
the old man, pipe now freshened up
mistook my shooing for a wave
ambled over, pulled himself a chair
i offered a shake 'hi adam'
he smiled and said 'no, i am satan'
'then where are your horns?' quizzed hamid


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