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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

jibal al tariq/ gibraltar

credit AnnaSwanSong

if the brain impulses ossify, what then
if the grounded oar-less soul-boats burn down, what then

abandoning the pursuit of shadows, what then
if not possible to escape all umbras, what then

if the mirages desert us in quick-sand, what then
we destroyed some, the chase of umbrage killed some, what then


dimagh ki rahaiN jO maflooj hON, tO kya
rooh ki kashtiaN jala bhee daiN, tO kya

tamam um'r sa'yON ka peecha karaiN, tO kya
mumkin nahiN saayouN say farar, tO kya

sa'yON kay bhaNwar maiN gar doobay, tO kya
fana kya, kuch fana hu'aye, tO kya


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