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Saturday, July 10, 2010

some more names ii

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So many names,
there is barely room
on the walls of the heart,
from The Names, by Billy Collins
in some more names, billy i wrote: am moved you have a way with words why is your world so confined to the US, and some countries across the big pond?
five years since
the exclamations came down
and the survivors made peace

the innocent continue
to suffer from ripple lashes

the evil twins throw barbs
milk the towers, we survive, pay
pray and whine - lucky we are
removing shoes, emptying pockets

millions fare worse
death, poverty - living misery
while culprits debate for ever
surveys, polls support
six billion views

our world has changed
...there is more suspicion
fear, mistrust - phobias rule
killings and bombings galore
in the name of righteousness
and we're ever more suspicious
of neighbours, the unabated legacy
of the exclamation's dissolution


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