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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 the end of the day

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at the end of the day:
and how about another cliche
when all is said and done...

it's only a matter of time
when we turn to dust or ashes
don't ask me what if
the body is put to sea

pick up some dust, some ashes
tell me its religion, nationality

baat lamhouN ki hay
phir hum tum phir
khaakh ya raakh hoNgay
phir hum tum phir
such kay samund maiN
sada ghar'q rahaiNgay


we will continue to paint
the other in shades of hatred
am sure it is ordained
--written on some tablet
oh! words have such longevity


those who seek love, understanding
samjhota, prem, pyar
would be shunted, called names
and condemned to the fringes
this is life too where
cliches reign supreme
like un-ordained prophets
dancing in desert's rain-storms


i will go for green tea
wait!... it is called green tea


Anonymous Rehman said...

This is a cool blog, but, hay! Who're you?

July 13, 2010 4:03 AM  

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