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Thursday, April 29, 2010

black-white-gray: umbra borders

blessed is the world of black-white
fraught with doubts nor blurred with confusion
clear cut and crystalline are their
murky precept tinged perceptions

the gray see truth disparately
in words, gestures, smiles and shades
under the clouds cavorting ground
under the banyan they read phantoms
______________________of footprints past
in the umbra they see shadows
souls and specters of lives lived

in misty evolution, borders formed
celestial bodies, stars, planets — earth
floating continents, countries, cities
then wars were fought to redraw lines
the abstract perimeters engaged
religion, ethnicity, caste all
came under the umbrage of boundaries
such was the passion that even love
was scrutinized and catalogued
classified, aligned and realigned


the limits of my endurance ends
just where your castle rampart begins
transcending the world of black-white grays
we whirl in celestial ecstasy


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