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Monday, March 15, 2010

"Pakistan is at a critical make-or-break stage", Maj Gen Holbrooke Speaks, M J Akbar,

By Qurat ul ain Siddiqui
Q. How do you see the future of Pakistan?
A. I will continue to do my work and serve the people. However, Pakistan is now at a critical make-or-break stage, and if the system does not undergo a major overhaul, I am afraid that the country may even break up. Given the current conditions, it will take nothing short of a calculated, studied revolution to change things and save Pakistan.
Jawed Naqvi: At a time when the Indian media seems to have lost the plot it once flaunted as a major asset (Feroze Gandhi, remember?) and as its credibility gets rapidly eroded and when it is beginning to be seen as an adjunct of the state and its many corporate collusions, a group of a dozen journalists who question the drift is reason to rejoice. But are the Dirty Dozen dirty eno

VIEW: Equal rights and equal opportunities —Fauzia Yazdani

Female empowerment will not happen through political slogans, but through carefully designed policy interventions that focus on integrating women so as to further gender mainstreaming
ugh to take on the challenges that a power-drunk and increasingly wayward state poses?

M J Akbar: The 108th Amendment envisages a rotational method of reservation that would make two-thirds of the Lok Sabha, or about 360 members, one-term MPs: 181 that will get reserved in an election, and the 181 male seats that will get reserved for women in the following election. Both categories, therefore, become one-term MPs. Two-thirds of the Lok Sabha, therefore, will have no political incentive to serve its constituents.


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