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Monday, March 15, 2010

Kafiristan, Geitner, Shahbaz, Jabari Asim, Amil Khan

Obama outraged at Mexican killings - Lahore, Kabul, Baghdad does not elicit outrage. Why?

Jabari Asim: Much American racial ignorance probably stems from our stubborn insistence on "recognizing" race in the first place. "Race is an idea, not a fact," Nell Irvin Painter reminds us in her impressive new book, The History of White People. "Each person shares 99.99 percent of the genetic material of every other human being. . . . [P]eople from the same race can be more different than people from different races." Without any empirical basis to support their efforts, she observes, arbiters of alleged racial difference proceed via "individual taste and political need." Painter diligently lays out the ways that such tastes and needs worked, over time, to create the classification "white." She tackles a provocative subject with easeful authority, proceeding with admirable restraint and letting flawed scholarship and thinking speak for itself. She only occasionally resorts to such harsh but justifiable descriptions as "nutty," "cockamamie," and "flagrantly nonsensical."
Amil Khan: For the last five months, I have been working in Pakistan on a project to support the many elements of Pakistan's society who believe that hating other religions or different Islamic communities is against the nature of Islam. Our project, Karvaan-e-Amn (Caravan of Peace) has its work cut out, not because its message its alien, but because we are trying to argue against an ideology that has been purposely built up over 30 years with millions of dollars worth of foreign funding.


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