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Friday, March 12, 2010

Club Helpless or Club Indispensable, The Thar Spell, Nahid Raza,

Spirituality à la Nahid

KARACHI: Art critic Nafees Ghaznavi has used “prized artist” and “feminist warrior” for describing Nahid Raza whose solo exhibition is being held at Chawkandi Art Gallery.

Themes of spirituality play a huge part in Raza’s work, and the presence of Buraq in many of her works reminds the viewer of the sacredness of women and how men cannot live without them and vice versa. Her constant use of circles is a testament to women’s power to enlighten us just as the moon enlightens the earth when it is devoid of the sun.

Karl Rove “Proud” of U.S. Waterboarding

Smart Toilets? A Revolution May Be Coming to Your Bathroom

The Desert Spell Far from being a storm in the desert, Thar also holds many stories of its own. It’s inception as Sindh’s jewel is backed by old temple ruins loaded with cultural, religious and historical significance, which were validated by crooked signboards bearing the authority of the Director of Archaeology of Hyderabad. But even to the untrained eye, these ruins seem half-heartedly restored and some stood on the verge of collapsing. Despite this, walls engraved with carvings and drawings of Hindu gods, elephants and lotus symbols appeared imposing at times. The sandstone marble pillars of the Bhodesar mosque also created a tangible peaceful spirit that captivated us.

Welcome to Club Indispensable: Time will tell. At the moment, only this is certain: you, me and our elected representatives are mere passengers in a vehicle that we can only pray Kayani and his boys know the destination of. Welcome to Club Helpless.

Gulmina Bilal Ahmad :We have to differentiate between the branch and the root of the problem. The ideological thinkers and the leaders of the Taliban responsible for creating havoc in our lives are the roots. The roots need to be pulled out of society. For they wilfully make the decision to bomb the innocent. They are responsible for their actions of waging war against the state and the people of Pakistan. No mercy should be shown to them for they had the freedom to make the choice. Thus they should be held responsible. However, for those who did not have the freedom to choose, rehabilitation must be explored as an option for them.

IPRI, scholar clash over book rights


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