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Saturday, January 30, 2010

President signs bill against harassment at workplaces,UN exposes myth of 'Quetta Shura'

Paintings show ‘Constant Love in Caprice World’: Faiza’s insignia of emotions exhibited at Jharoka
Playing the Sindh card

Irfan Hussain- Buried in these charges of poor governance and corruption lie a number of excellent initiatives. The agreement over resource-sharing among the provinces was a major achievement. The decision to incorporate the northern areas into the mainstream political system was another. Reaching out to Baloch nationalists was an act of statesmanship no general could have been capable of. Unfortunately, none of these resonate very deeply among a public crushed by high prices and unemployment.

Book review: Nuclear Pakistan — setting the record straight, again —by Afrah Jamal

The Genesis of South Asian Nuclear Deterrence: Pakistan’s Perspective

By Naeem Salik Oxford University Press; Pp 350

Going nuclear is a lifestyle choice. For the original five, it was a vital symbol of power. For Pakistan, it is a necessary evil. With three nuclear powers in the region, Pakistan is the only one that gives the world sleepless nights. As their least favourite (aspiring) club member, Pakistan is used to being eyed with suspicion and treated with disdain. Naeem Salik believes that current debates on Pakistan’s nuclear stance are speculative at best and slanderous at worst.


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