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Monday, January 25, 2010

Irshad Ahmed Haqqani passes away, TV anchors are always looking for some big fish to be trapped, Talat Masood

Good intelligence will follow, not precede the trust that will come from peace talks
Maxim Cartoon
How quickly we descend to the level of juvenileS (sic) in our mutual interaction
from la la land: ‘Clash between institutions wishful thinking’
What happened to hathiar humara zaiwar hay? ANP for making city weapon-free
Apart from other factors there has to be a realisation that the nature of warfare itself has been changing fundamentally, especially in the last two decades. Military power is only effective if other elements of national power are balanced and mutually supportive, and institutions of the state do not have an antagonistic relationship. We have a classic example of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Iraq that collapsed from within or were unable to face the enemy effectively due to internal loss of vigour. In our case, when the military is fighting an insurgency and relations with India are tense, the support of people is crucial. This only comes if the state- society and army- civil relations are good and there is mutual respect.


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