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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dr Shah pays price for criticising Babar Awan, Behind the glitz

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Dr Shah pays price for criticising Babar Awan [He said the party workers were angry and disappointed over giving the award to a person who “danced over the hanging of late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.”]

Behind the Dubai glitz
Equating Balochistan with Kashmir
Malik to reveal ‘hands’ behind Karachi unrest today
Imran Mir back in town with cerebral ‘Eleventh Paper’

A Pakistan-watcher in Washington DC says that the media back in Islamabad must ask Holbrooke tough questions on the estimated $7.5 billion projected as aid to Pakistan. Here are some questions Hobrooke must be asked, he says: who will determine where the money should go? How much of it will actually be allocated to health and education? How much will go towards development? Who are the US contractors coming to Pakistan to set up the various projects? Who will be the local NGOs that will get chosen to be given the funds and for what?

SURAT: If you get off a train at Surat railway station and ask a rickshaw driver to take you to Pakistan, he will not look at you in disbelief.

As parliamentarians pressed the prime minister for more and more licences, he introduced an unprecedented quota of weapons licences in September last year by allowing 25 licences per year of prohibited weapons and 20 licences per month of non-prohibited weapons for each member of the National Assembly and the Senate. He extended the favour to MPAs also by allotting them five prohibited weapons licenses per year.


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