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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Declaration: India-Pakistan Conference – A road map towards peace, Huma Imtiaz,

Huma Imtiaz: Pakistan is not known for its spelling skills. And judging by some of the advertisments that were published this year by the country’s utilities and politicians, neither will it be known for its groundbreaking advertising. Here you can view five of the advertisements that had the country hanging its head in embarrassment.

Kamran Khan - look around for a Lalu to rescue

Declaration: India-Pakistan Conference – A road map towards peace

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Ten days into the New Year: Not-so-Happy Updates from Gitmo and Bagram
Mao and the Taj Mahal

Maxim Cartoon

“But the mountains are the same”

Pakistan: The Land and Its Culture
By Huma Jalil Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Islamabad; Pp 146

It is interesting how one manages
to find completely unexpected treasures when one goes book hunting. While browsing a popular bookstore in Gulberg’s Main Market recently, I came across an interesting book. The jacket was set in a rather official-looking green, with a painting by Ustad Allah Bux adorning the cover. From the outside, it seemed like a book of paintings or maps.


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