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Friday, January 15, 2010

Connecting the dots, Martin Scorsese,

Connecting the Dots: Al Qaeda's War on Muslims - Continuing to spark widespread debate and discussion, last week I argued that terrorism in the Muslim world is ultimately a challenge facing the Muslim people and therefore, requires a Muslim solution -- one that is native, moderate, and persistent. At its heart, it is a war of interpretation.

"The actor is key," Scorsese affirms
Limbaugh Stands By His Haiti Remarks, Tells Critical Caller She's a 'Bigot' With 'Tampons in Her Ears'

The better his painting gets, the worse his bouts of total unreason become.
Books" href="" target=_blank>William J. Lederer, Co-Author of ‘The Ugly American,’ Dies at 978 Questions for Anthony Ham


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