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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Article 62(zzz), you rock - gul and anjum

Milestones in a Political Journey
By M Asghar Khan Dost Publications; Pp 242
The title is misleading. Unless the definition of milestones has changed — the events depicted here are the very antithesis of milestones. Maelstroms would have been a more apt description. When things went south during Asghar Khan’s political struggle, which they did a lot while operating under the destructive influence of dictatorship in the absence of political capital, a free press and/or leverage, speech making and letter writing were the two options left to peace-loving activists.

you rock gul: In this case, this committee of wise men has further work to do. They might want to consider some Islamic additions to Article 62 (since deletions are not possible), which pertain to qualifications for members of the National Assembly:

62 (i): he is not a hypocrite;

62(j): he is not ignorant;

62(k): he eats with his right hand;62(l): he washes with his left hand;

62(m): he does not back-bite;

62(n): he can demonstrate his belief in jinns;

62(o): he is afraid only of Allah, and plugs his ears at the sound of music;

62(p): he has always knocked before entering another’s home;

62(q): he holds current certification on regular alms giving;

62(r): he has never hidden the truth;

62 (s): he does not indulge in pleasure and enjoyment of life to forget his duty to Allah;

62 (t): he does not believe or repeat rumours against chaste believing women;

62(u): he is neither extravagant nor parsimonious;

62(v): he eats of the good things, but not inordinately (over-eating); and

62 (w): he is moderate in his volume of voice (the most hateful of voices is the braying of asses).

file this under hahaha: India keen to normalise relations with Pak: Krishna
is rehman malik resigning? Blackwater operatives training Pakistanis: NWFP minister
pakistan should ask for the ret colonel: Indian government pays compensation to Pakistani
people of the book: irony - An illiterate nation
What the Taliban want your land, your money, your wives
after failue with elected official Gates strives to build trust with Pakistan military
bad news for water-rangersHub Dam reserves to last till September
you said it anjum: Aitzaz Ahsan, Hamid Khan, Ali Ahmad Kurd, Tariq Mahmud, and Athar Minallah – our real heroes are back, but with dissenting views. How sad!

analysis: A judgemental opinion and some other issues —Farhat Taj In my view, it would be appropriate to make workable plans in consultation with the lashkars that would minimise the possibility of warlordism and maximise the capacity of the lashkars for protection of life. But for that to happen, some people will have to come out of the safety of foreign lands and private security guards and reach out to the lashkar villages. Is there anyone to do so among the protected ones? The lashkar people, at least those whom I interviewed, are willing to cooperate with any fellow Pakistani to facilitate their local anti-Taliban resistance within the contours of the law till the time the state effectively provides security. It was in this context that I requested the diaspora to help. It is not about just donating money. It is about making plans for a transparent use of the donations. Some may say this is too much to expect from the diaspora. If so, I would request them to refrain from tarnishing the reputation of the lashkars through judgemental opinions. If you cannot facilitate their harsh struggle, please do not make it even harsher through one-sided assumptions


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