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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ISI Playing God, Asif Ezdi and Ansar Abbasi batting for Nawaz?Where Is the Afghanistan Debate?

Nawaz Sharif is not the only politician launched by ISI ~~t

RAWALPINDI: The former chief of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Lieutenant General(R) Hameed Gul said ISI follows government directives and admitted that Islami Jamhoori Ittehad(IJI) was formed by ISI to created balance in the political scenario.Talking to Geo News, Gul said ISI played a pivotal role in the formation of IJI after which Mian Nawaz Sharif emerged as a political leader. Gul says IJI formed by ISI

Columnists and blogger can write whatever they wanbt when they are on the outside. But when in power, they would act like the Gilanis, Sharifs, Zardaris et all ~~t

It has been suggested that Gilani is being restrained from prosecuting the ex-dictator because of some secret deals made by Zardari in August last year with foreign powers and with the army chief in order to secure Musharraf's resignation. If that is so, Gilani must tell the nation why he is prepared to tolerate such blatant interference in the affairs of the country by foreign countries and obstruction by the army in the application of our Constitution and the law. He must also explain how secret understandings given by the co-chairman of his party who did not at that time hold any official position can bind the Government of Pakistan. Asif Ezdi

Ansar Abbasi is also coming in to bat for Nawaz Sharif. See how charmingly he dismiises the creation of Nawaz Sharif: The fact that Nawaz Sharif was once the establishment’s blue-eyed boy and that the creation of the IJI was the ISI’s work are well known and undeniable...

In the entire column he does not mention once what Brig. Imtiaz revelaed about framing MQM, but digresses about Midnight Jackal and then delves into further irrelevancies viz the dentist and the financiers. Read it here: Who is behind the ‘get Nawaz’ campaign? Ansar Abbasi

With new polls showing the American public becoming increasingly critical of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, the Sunday morning network talkshows turned primarily to Pentagon officials and war boosters to discuss the issue, continuing the media marginalization of critics of the escalation of the war Where Is the Afghanistan Debate?: When public support slips, TV packs in war boosters


Blogger Jman said...

what i want to know is what implication, if any, will the recent admission of the jinnahpur fiasco have on Nawaz Sharif...since he was in power back then!
oh thats right that nawaz sharif was bald as an eagle wasnt he!

August 26, 2009 12:30 PM  
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