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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How did America become the new Canada?

In a remarkable reversal of political directions, America has been transformed into a hothouse of liberal and—shhh—even socialist experimentation, while Canada seems a hotbed of reactionary conservatism. Yes, America is the new us, we’re the new America, and the Canadian left has to be wondering just where it all went wrong.

The eight years of the Bush presidency allowed progressive-minded Canadians to indulge in an orgy of moral superiority vis-à-vis the United States, but in three short months that country has almost completely changed course. Acting on the premise that it would be a shame to let a good crisis go to waste, Barack Obama has put his ship of state in a hard left turn, and his countrymen have dutifully gone along with it. Huge tracts of the economy have submitted to massive state intervention even as the President pushes full-steam ahead on school reform, a national health care program, and a new energy- and climate-change initiative.


Anonymous Toronto Realtor said...

Seems like both Canada and the US are steering their countries towards middle and than slowly creeping to the opposite direction. Seems a bit odd to me. Never would have guessed it that the US will change in such a short period of time in such an awkward manner. We'll see what the result will be after all...

take care, Elli

April 23, 2009 9:57 AM  

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