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Friday, April 24, 2009

Harris Khalique: They are Clear - (We are NOT)

They are clear.

They want a system of governance which is according to their belief.
They are clear about establishing a particular form of government which is run like an emirate or a caliphate. Parliament, the judiciary and the constitution in their present form must be eliminated.
They are clear about how justice should be dispensed and what penalties should be imposed. They are clear about what role should be assigned to girls and women in a society.
They are clear about how to treat religious minorities.
They are clear about Shias. Either they should be killed, purged, converted to true Islam or declared non-Muslim.
They are clear about pulling down all tombs, shrines and mausoleums of saints and Sufi poets for it is forbidden to revere a human being after his or her death.
They are clear about how Muslim men should look like.
They are clear that all such organisations which work for health, education or provision of other services to the poor and downtrodden are in effect missions who want to convert people to Judaism and Christianity.
They are clear that polio drops must not be dispensed to children.
They are clear that promoting iodised salt is a part of the greater conspiracy hatched against the virility and fertility of Muslims.
They are clear that it is their divine duty to impose sharia and it must flow out of the barrel. They are clear that anyone who stops them must be punished.
They are clear in whatever they say, they do and they stand for.


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