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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Benefits account for $19-an-hour difference in Chrysler, Toyota labour costs: analysis

These numbers and analysis is for Canada. The US gap is estimated to be similar ~~t

Benefits account for most of the $19-an-hour difference between the cost of a worker at Chrysler Canada and at the Canadian arm of Japanese automaker Toyota, The Canadian Press said Wednesday.

A $19-an-hour cut is the amount the federal government and Chrysler's potential corporate ally, Fiat, are demanding from the Canadian Auto Workers as the price of supporting the company.

But an analysis The Canadian Press obtained from an undisclosed source suggests that is the case. It breaks down the hourly costs at a Chrysler and Toyota plant like this:

Base wages are $36.06 at Chrysler and $34.20 at Toyota.
Benefits, including vacations and overtime, are $31.32 at Chrysler and $16.89 at Toyota.
Legacy costs are $3.69 at Chrysler and $1.50 at Toyota.
Taxes and other required payments are $4.93 at Chrysler and $3.50 at Toyota.


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