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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Syeds of the Army Are the Untouchables

Babar Sattar writes: To restate the obvious, the rule of law must equally apply to all citizens without exception, including judges and generals.

This is the crux in a society that is brought up to revere Syeds. Please understand, I have nothing against Syeds...or for that matter against Mughals, Siddiquis, Rajputs, Mughals, Qureshis etc.

The 'generals' are the Syeds in Pakistan.

The reason why Hamoodur Rehman Commission's recommendations not followed through is because nobody, repeat nobody had the strength of their conviction, not to mention the spine, to haul the named generals before the courts.

The 'courts' can hang a politician. And they did.

Can you name one instance, in Pakistan's history where a general was punished by the courts?

So, despite Hamid Mir's whining on every single broadcast about charging Musharraf under article 6, despite the noble intentions of Babar Sattar and other well meaning individuals, Musharraf is one of the Army.

And the Army protects its own.


Anonymous Conrad Barwa said...

Er, is there a link to Sattar's article?

March 28, 2009 5:13 AM  
Blogger temporal said...

i fixed the link. click on the heading

March 28, 2009 9:22 AM  
Anonymous Conrad Barwa said...

Thanks for that; Sattar wrote an excellent article on the "Return to Praetorianism and the Pakistani Army" which was one of the best essays I have read on the subject. It was online in a published set of essays via googlebooks, but they have withdrawn that for some reason now.

Definitely a writer worth reading.

March 28, 2009 12:35 PM  

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