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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Lament of the Blind and the Deaf

The usually well informed and articulate Anjum Niaz in this column is way off base.

The one cardinal mistake she, and most of us make, is putting all our eggs in one basket. The controversial Chaudhry Iftikhar is not a panacea for all that ails us.

Pakistan does not have the luxury of time.

While we listen to the muezzin's call from the minaret the world has left us way behind.

We delude ourselves. We kill ourselves in the name of the same Allah we bow down to. There is no national institution that is not hollow and crumbling. And sadly that includes the bomb-hugging Army. Edhi is NOT an national institution, but a collective sigh.

Bereft of faith and self confidence, we tire not of screaming at perceived attacks at our state, nation, religion, sovereignty, integrity, ideology.

We love to point fingers at others when we should look in the mirror.

That is our dilemma. I hope that it is not our undoing.


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