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Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 Writers On The Death Of Green (And Why It's OK)

A current obsession of mine is the death of the trend of green. What if, as Tom Friedman keeps saying, there are no green cars, only cars? What if there are no green light bulbs, only light bulbs? That is, what if environmentally-friendly products and practices just became the way things were done?

We might be closer than we think.

5. Let's start with the Friedman business:

Ultimately, he said, the word "green" should disappear.
Instead of a small number of energy-efficient buildings and cars, he said, all should be built that way -- eliminating the need for a "green" designation.
"It won't be a green car, just a car," he said.

4. Ecology Today writes that the green movement is dead, and that it's being replaced by "lean green" -- though what it all means is sort of unclear.

Let's put it to rest. What we did under Bush was keep the flame burning. The flame will burn but the green movement, as it was under Bush, is dead. It was the green movement of the moment of expectation. Now we've got the power and no excuses. Our resolve has to be put to the test.
Dedicated folks from all walks of life brought the environmental movement back from the brink of extinction to the point where eight years later the nation is poised to go green....


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