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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who killed Benazir Bhutto? The million dollar question that still remains unanswered By Amir Mir

I expected better from Amir Mir in this excerpt from his forthcoming book, but found this full of cliches and recycled theories and innuendos - the most outlandish one here is that Scotland Yard is somehow compromised when its findings backed the government version ~~t

However, almost a year after Bhutto’s assassination, it appears that her murder case has been thrown into cold storage by none other than her own party’s government. President Zardari, who had stated soon after the murder that "She talks about her murderers from her grave," is now reluctant to order a fresh investigation by the local agencies and keeps insisting on an UN-sponsored probe. Therefore, it seems that like all infamous murder cases, the mastermind of the Bhutto murder will also remain a shadowy figure on whose role people will only speculate about in whispers.

Excerpted from Amir Mir’s newly published book "The Fluttering Flag of Jehad" published by Mashal Books


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