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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The View from Abroad: Palestinian Bloggers Spurred to Action Following Israeli Airstrikes

This piece was originally published on Global Voices Online.

Following the end of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, violence and tensions have escalated between Israel and Gaza. Today, Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza in what the AFP calls "one of the bloodiest days of the decades-long Middle East conflict." So far, the death toll in Gaza is at 210 and rising.

The Palestinian blogosphere, which is made of Palestinians and supporters around the world, is furious with what they perceive to be needless actions from Israel. No Justice No Peace...The Big Picture, an honorary member of the Palestinian blogosphere, spoke out:

200 dead, 750 wounded, and for what? For Qassam rockets which have killed <>All in the name of "self-defense". Please. This is immoral offense, and indiscriminate killing, and, by god, if you hold elections and call it a democratic process then deal with the results in a civilized manner, but not quarantining Gaza, withholding funds, petrol, electricity, medical supplies, humanitarian ships, ad UN mandated observers from entering Gaza and then wonder why home-made rockets are being fired (with no sophisticated guidance chips or any chance of doing massive damage).


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