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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ben Cohen: Obama's Silence on Gaza is Deafening

Barack Obama had to do two things to persuade the powers that be that he was a viable candidate for President. The first was to assure the financial community that he would commit to a centrist economic platform, and the second was to sell out the Palestinians immediately and jump in bed with AIPAC.

Obama did both, and the consequences will be felt immediately. Economically, Obama has not surrounded himself with the type of people committed to real change. The enormous financial crisis has given him more room to move, but he won't do anything dramatic (like hold Wall St to account, or provide a meaningful bailout to the average American). The results during his Presidency will mean extraordinary pain for the middle classes and poor, while the burden is shifted from those who caused it. It would no doubt be worse under a Republican, but it will not be pleasant.

With the latest Israeli assault on the Gaza strip, Obama's wholesale sellout of the Palestinian people is being felt even more acutely. His unique position to speak up for a bitterly oppressed people has been wasted in the name of political convenience.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is right that a country has to do what is best in the interest of its people. US of A is a different story cause it declares itself the champion of democracy and the voice of the free world. either it must shut up and be in its own territory or if there is wish and the desire to play as a world player. Then its leader especially the president must not chicken out at critical times and they must take the responsibility as a world leader not to shy away from it.

December 30, 2008 4:40 AM  

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