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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Watch out, you parasites! - Ayesha Ijaz Khan

In Pakistan, on the other hand, not only is integrity and reputation irrelevant in determining who gets an important job. Even after Samar Minallah reveals on the best episode of "Capital Talk" yet that Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani is guilty of sang chutti, a criminal tradition involving the trade of underage girls as compensation, Sherry Rehman has the audacity to tell us that the PPP government will not compromise on women's rights! Is she in her right mind? How can she say that and then continue to support ministers who have flagrantly violated the rights of not just women but minor girls!

Kashif Abassi does a whole series on corruption where he pulls out the declaration of assets filed by well-known political figures prior to the election. To nobody's surprise, the declarations are a bunch of lies, grossly understating the respective worth of the politicians sitting before him on the show. But there is no hint of remorse, leave alone fear of accountability. In fact, Sheikh Rashid justifies himself by stating that at least he has revealed more than many others.


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