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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Questionnaire by Barak Obama's TransitionTeam.

This is the Questionnaire by Barak Obama's TransitionTeam.

If this Questionnaire is to submitted to the nearly 60 strong Ministers in Gilani Government, and the Advisors, Speakers and others in high office, how many would muster and survive an examination of their replies by say a select team of seven or nine veteran journalists?

Michael Dorf comments on it here and says some of the questions are of dubious value.

By asking applicants for all possible sources of damaging or embarrassing information, the President-elect and the applicants can better anticipate what they will be up against. Yet that approach risks rewarding unfair attacks that might never even materialize. Given the choice between a bland appointee with few political liabilities and a bold, talented appointee with politically-salient liabilities that are ultimately unconnected to his or her ability to do the job, the incoming administration will be tempted to err on the safe side. At the same time, some highly-talented applicants will be intimidated by the questionnaire itself. The prospect of taking a pay cut to work in government is already a disincentive to many people who currently work in the private sector. By making real the additional prospect of public humiliation, and the possibility that a prestigious but relatively low-paying government position may not even materialize at the end of the process, the Obama transition team's questionnaire could scare off some of the best candidates.


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