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Sunday, November 23, 2008

PROFILE Sheema Kermani: Rebel With A Cause By Khursheed Hyder

A classical dancer, teacher, drama artiste and rights activist, Sheema Kermani believes we can change society through cultural activities

“Why don’t people like me?” wonders Sheema Kermani. Then she answers her own question, “I think I’m too blunt, I don’t beat about the bush which unfortunately doesn’t go down too well with people.” Kirmani feels that people aren’t comfortable with an unconventional person. “I decided to make a different life for myself and people don’t like someone who takes a deviant road,” she adds.

Born into a well-off family, she decided she didn’t want to marry a rich husband who could provide her with material luxuries. “These things don’t make me happy. I’m happy when I’m doing creative work; it gives me the energy to go on,” she elaborates.

A classical dancer, teacher, drama artist and women’s rights activist, Kermani had a severe bout of osteoporosis some years back and the doctors advised her to stop dancing. Today she is as agile on her feet as she was 15 years ago through sheer willpower and a strict exercise regimen...


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